Wildlife at Wasing: The Birds, The Bees, and The Mini Beasts

It’s not just the wedding guests and sportsman that are looked after at Wasing Estate, a great deal of care goes into protecting the wildlife too.

Estate argonomist Neil McLean is in charge of planning and providing a sustainable habitat for a whole host of birds, bees and mini beasts.

Neil’s job is to protect, house, help feed and enhance conditions for the wildlife found on the estate. In particular, Wasing Estate is delighted to be home to the endangered Lapwing bird.

This familiar farmland bird has suffered significant declines recently and is now a Red List species. However, there are 27 pairs of Lapwings at Wasing this year including lots of youngsters. Mark Hibbs, Head of Sporting, believes the birds are more protected at Wasing as a consequence of the management of game predators on the estate.

Also known as the peewit in imitation of its display calls, its proper name describes its wavering flight. Its black and white appearance and round-winged shape in flight make it distinctive, even without its splendid crest.

Neil shares his top measures aimed at enhancing conditions for the other wildlife found on the estate here.