Many hands make light work – Wasing takes on the Litterbugs 


18 members of the Wasing team, and one local parishioner took on the challenge of tidying the roads around Brimpton, Woolhampton and Aldermaston today. An area renown for fly tipping was scoured by the crack unit from 9am until midday to remove rubbish thrown from cars and vehicles by people who should know better. Owner Joshua Dugdale said, ‘Enough was enough. We are fed up with our beautiful landscape being ruined by people who couldn’t care less. We decided to take matters into our own hands and get a team together to comb the roadsides to clear it all up’.

Wasing Lane, Back Lane, as well as the roads to Woolhampton and through Brimpton were painstakingly cleared of rubbish over a three hour period proving the adage ‘Many hands make light work’. Litter collected included a full dinner set, a hoover, a motorbike helmet, a police warning sign and a worrying number of empty bottles of alcohol.

The roads around Wasing are today much cleaner than they were yesterday and we hope to make this an annual event attracting more local people to help look after this very beautiful part of West Berkshire.


The Litter Unit takes off…



The Litter Unit at Work


Horrible rubbish


More horrible rubbish


No ditch too deep…


A hoover?!?!?!





Alice and Dennis West

Heroic: Alice and Dennis, our one volunteer…


Brimpton litter picking


One of the worst spots near Woolhampton








The reaction of the rubbish to being picked up!

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