On a beautiful sunny morning on 13th March 2017, the team took to the roadsides to clear away the rubbish that gets lift by our unthinking motorists. Litter is one of our biggest hates, and it amazes us to see how much there is on the roads of our beautiful countryside. There should be a national focus on making sure people clear up after them as sustainability applies to us as well as factories, businesses, governments

Wasing's annual litter pick around the local schools and country roads Berkshire














Cleaning up outside Brimpton School

Anyway we do our bit and we are pleased to report that there was less litter than previous years. This may be because we are making progress on rubbish that has been in hedgerows for years but it does not mean we should relax. Especially with young minds, as they will be the parents of tomorrow. The key issue is the little bits of plastic that get into the stomachs of farmland birds and species such as turtle doves, lapwings, yellow hammers, starlings amongst others which have seen up to an 85% decline over recent years. Less plastic means better landscape and healthier birds. Its simple.





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