Update from The Gardens Team

With the gardens now set for the winter months, the gardens team will be busy getting creative with new design ideas for a number of areas across the estate. Our outdoor weddings and events at the Summerhouse and The Secret Walled Garden will get to enjoy the new planting of its borders which will tie in wonderfully with the romantic setting of Wasing. A number of new fragrant shrubs, topiary and flowering perennials will be planted to give a full year of interest to ensure your pictures have the perfect backdrop and also to provide our guests with a relaxing environment to enjoy watching what’s going on in the gardens.

Outside wedding ceremony at Wasing Park in Berkshire













The gardens provide a huge variety of different flowering plants throughout the year and there are many great plants to look out for. The most wonderful addition this year would have to be the Cornus controversa (Wedding Cake tree) with its tiers of dense clusters of tiny white flowers throughout the entire tree, which looks absolutely stunning in the summer. This tree can be found within the Summerhouse garden and also on the Terrace.

Additional plans are to include the planting of a small herb garden located near the kitchens which will allow the chefs to use fresh herbs grown from seed in our very own glasshouse here at Wasing. You can’t get fresher than that!

Wedding breakfast at the Castle Barn at Wasing Park near Reading













The gardens team hope you enjoy seeing how the gardens change and develop over the coming years or even since your last visit here.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year from the Gardens Team.


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