Going Organic

The farm at Wasing is in the process of making the switch to organic, working with nature rather than against it, eliminating the use of chemicals and fertilizers and producing livestock with high welfare standards.

The fields on the farm which would previously have been purely arable, will now provide the landscape with much more diversity, with grass leys and over winter cover crops being introduced into the farms crop rotation.

These crops will provide additional habitats for wildlife, provide our livestock with fodder and help produce organic nutrients for our following arable crops.

organic farming on Wasing Estate in Berkshire














Livestock are a vital part of the organic farming system, and this month we have seen the return of our own livestock to the farm at Wasing. The native Sussex cattle breed has been chosen to fit in well with the organic system. They are a docile, quiet and hopefully friendly breed.

After a long journey up from Lamb Farm on the Sussex Kent border, 22 Sussex breeding heifers arrived at Wasing on the evening of the 2nd of May.

Ranging from 23-26 months in age they will be at the right weight, age and size to hopefully get pregnant around August and then to calve down in the spring.

Couple this with their ability to convert grassland of all different qualities with minimal supplementary feed whilst producing traditional high quality beef from a low input system, make them ideal for an organic farming system and as a management aid for grazing the parkland.

In the next few weeks we are looking forward to welcoming another group of 25, 15 month old pedigree Sussex heifers from Elbridge Farm in Kent.

Finally over the coming months we will be looking to join the Sussex breeding society. Setting up our own herd prefix/name and then registering the herd as fully pedigree.

organic farming on Wasing Estate in Berkshire


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