The Parrot 1997-2017

The UK’s Record Breaking Carp

Wasing Fisheries regret to announce that The Parrot has died due to natural causes. Parrot was a national treasure that we were proud to call our own, and after breaking the UK record of the largest native Carp at 68lb, we are all devastated to learn of his demise. The post mortem showed that Parrot was in good condition with no abnormalities reported, and we can only surmise that it was old age that was the cause of death. We can be proud that he enjoyed the incredible abundance of natural habitat at Wasing.

“The Parrot was a once in a lifetime fish. I had a call at 6am yesterday from an angler saying that they had pulled him out. I saw him swim past me last Friday and he looked fine but that was the last time I saw him alive. People travelled far and wide for a glimpse of The Parrot. Having caught him myself, I know first hand what a wonderful fish he was. We are all devastated”.

Mark Hibbs, Wasing Fisheries Manager

The Parrot Wasing Fisheries record breaking carp in Berkshire

The Parrot 68lb 1oz – Cranwells Lake

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