Wasing Park joins Canvas and Stone

We are delighted to be a founding member of the recently formed event collective, Canvas and Stone.

What is Canvas and Stone?

Canvas and Stone is an online platform made up of the voices of five beautiful UK country houses. Like Wasing, they are all independently owned and family run and offer some of the finest locations for business events, parties, weddings and retreats.

In the other houses we find a shared ethos to put on truly excellent events for our guests, a passion to continually learn and build on every single event and to create spaces and opportunities for people to come together, share, nourish, grow and communicate.

What’s it for?

Whether you’re looking for a place to hold a board meeting, conference or an inspired brainstorming workshop; a venue for your summer party, an intimate weekend retreat or an exclusive home from home, at Canvas and Stone, you’re in the right place. Our houses and their experienced team are experts in creating the ultimate, unique, unusual and inspiring event for you and your guests. Quite frankly you’ll never want to leave us.

What can I find there?

You can use the Canvas and Stone website for event idea inspiration, top tips on how to host fantastic events (whether for business or just for your own parties), insider stories from each of the houses, example case studies on past events.

Each of the owners in the Canvas and Stone collective have a wealth of experience themselves to help make your event shine. So whether you need help with putting on festivals, decoding the cost of flowers, finding the perfect set list, working out what sort of film style to choose for your event or simply how to start planning, our team and the collective minds are here for you.

Fellow members include:

Elmore Court

Dewsall Court

Pennard House

Iscoyd Park 

Spread the Word!

We’d love to see your support of Canvas and Stone. You can do this by spreading the news about us and our fellow members, and online by signing up to the newsletter via the homepage, www.canvasandstone.co.uk! And following, liking and sharing our news on the following channels: