Yoga Courses and Workshops

Yoga Beginners Courses – Upcoming Dates Announced Soon

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Starting your Yoga practice by getting the basics just right is a really effective way to layer up your understanding of the ancient and modern aspects of Yoga .

In this 6 week course, Jill will lead you through the steps to master the most common Yoga Asanas, introduce you to Pranayama (breathwork) and Meditation, as well as discuss some of the philosophical underpinnings. By the end of the course you will feel confident enough to join in with most beginner to intermediate level Hatha or Flow classes.


“I loved the course and am really looking forward to my next one.  Jill is a very welcoming, experienced and knowledgeable instructor and I’m excited to develop my yoga over the coming months and years”

“Great start to my yoga journey.  It was particularly helpful to understand the purpose and benefit of the poses and movements”

“If you are a complete beginner and reluctant to join a class, this is perfect!”


Nourished Mama & Baby Yoga – Tue 23rd Apr-14th May, 11.15-12.30, 4 Week Block

Mum and Baby Yoga is a beautiful shared experience for both Parent & Baby.

While taking care of a new life and adjusting to the physical and emotional challenges of being a new mum, it’s natural to put your needs aside.  However it’s important to know that as a mama your health and wellbeing is the foundation of your family.

This course will provide you with a relaxed space to nourish your body and mind postnatally, while connecting with your baby and meeting other mums.

The Class includes:

·               Postnatal Yoga to encourage physical and emotional healing for mums

·               Baby Yoga & Massage for bonding and to support development

·               Mindfulness and Relaxation techniques 

The practices will last about an hour, with 15 minutes for tea, chat and breastfeeding at the end  – or whenever needed of course!

The course runs in 4 week sessions and babies are welcomed from 3 months to mobile. Carolina is a dedicated and experienced yoga teacher, who has trained in Pregnancy and Women’s Yoga Therapy with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli.


An Evening of Kirtan

The Yogic Practice of Heart Centred Singing with Sivani Mata Francis, Friday 7th June

We’ll be joined by much loved UK Kirtan leader, Sivani Mata Francis, for this beautiful practice.

Singing the profoundly healing sounds of sanskrit mantra effortlessly drops our awareness out of our busy minds and into our hearts. Kirtan is from the path of Bhakti Yoga (pure love and compassion) and responds to where you are it and what you need in that moment, whether that is to bring you to a space of calm or elation. It can be deeply moving and incredibly joyful.

This is sure to be a high-vibrational and heart-opening evening, so grab your tickets early to avoid disappointment.  If you have never experienced Kirtan before, you don’t need to worry about “not knowing the words” or “having a good voice” – each Mantra will be explained briefly, and you will find listening to the music every bit as beautiful as joining in. All are welcome.


Spinal Integration Yoga Workshop with Catherine Annis, Saturday 20th July

Join Catherine to increase your awareness and understanding of the spine, and how it acts at the heart of our yoga practice.

Our spine is a spectacular piece of engineering.  With 33 interlocking bones, 24 moving vertebrae and 139 synovial joints, it is the initiator and driver of all our movement.  It’s intimately involved in all our movements, from sitting, to standing, running, walking and breathing.

In yoga, it’s at the heart of our practice.  It feels good to consciously initiate our movements from our spines and supports us in becoming more integrated and centred.  This integration informs and benefits our bodies in all movements, complex and simple, so we begin to move with more ease and grace.

During this practical yoga workshop we’ll learn more about:

·         the anatomy of the spine and its relationship to the whole body

·         its role as housing and protector of the central nervous system

·         how the spine initiates and responds to our movements

·         its delicacy, strength and adaptability

Finally, we’ll explore the central question:  Can we learn to feel our spine, and relate to it as the central organ of all our movement? And can this understanding help us to become more centred and integrated, in all our movements, simple and complex?


Please call Jill on 07734210330 to reserve places on any of the sessions.  Places are limited and payment can be taken over the phone.  Alternatively click here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.