Yoga Courses and Workshops

Simply Meditation – 7 Weeks of Calm & Connection 


Simply Meditation is a continuation of our introductory course to lead you to your calm, connected self.

It is suitable for absolute beginners, those looking to commit to a regular meditation practice, or people who already have a practice but would like to benefit from some new tools, as well as the group energy and intention.

We have all developed strategies over our lifetime, which help us “cope” with the frenetic pace of our day to day lives and see us through the stresses. Many of us are starting to wake up to the ineffective ways we deal with things, suspecting there might be a way of getting more real with ourselves and others, and coming from our calm, connected centre more and more often.

This weekly class will give you a chance to investigate how you are with your breath, with your body, in your mind and heart.  We will explore ways to simply be in acceptance of everything as it is, as well as tools of breath, mantra (repetition of a word or phrase), and mudra (hand gestures), to support in transmuting our energy in a subtle way when it is no longer working in our best interests.

It is led by Jill, Wasing’s resident yoga and meditation teacher.  She has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and has a very down-to-earth approach with meditation, emphasising acceptance and compassion for our human selves rather than transcendence.  Her daily practices include grounding, breathwork, meditation, body scanning, mudra and mantra.

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Yoga Beginners  – 4 Week Course   – £40

Next Block Starts Thursday 12th March 8-9pm

Starting your Yoga practice by getting the basics just right is a really effective way to layer up your understanding of the ancient and modern aspects of Yoga .

In this 5 week course, you will be lead through the steps to master the most common Yoga Asanas, introduce you to Pranayama (breathwork) and Meditation, as well as discuss some of the philosophical underpinnings. By the end of the course you will feel confident enough to join in with most beginner to intermediate level Hatha or Flow classes.


“I loved the course and am really looking forward to my next one.  Jill is a very welcoming, experienced and knowledgeable instructor and I’m excited to develop my yoga over the coming months and years”

“Great start to my yoga journey.  It was particularly helpful to understand the purpose and benefit of the poses and movements”

“If you are a complete beginner and reluctant to join a class, this is perfect!

For booking please follow the below link, or contact Jill –, 07734210330


Understanding Menopause with Diane Danzebrink

Original date postponed (March 7th).

Please email to register interest and be informed of upcoming date.


Join Diane Danzebrink, UK expert on Menopause, at Wasing Park.  The workshop will cover the following areas: What menopause is, When and why menopause happens,  Long term health considerations, Managing symptoms, Health and lifestyle, Myths around menopause, NICE guidelines, How to prepare for your GP appointment, Menopause and work, Menopause and relationships, and Menopause and change.

Part of the session will include some gentle yoga practices, led by Jill, to support women with this time of their lives.

Diane is a therapist, coach and menopause expert with nurse training in menopause. A passionate campaigner, she is the founder of and the national #MakeMenopauseMatter campaign.

Diane is a member of the British Menopause Society and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Women’s Voices Involvement Panel. She regularly appears on national TV and Radio to discuss both menopause and mental health .

Her passion and skill come from her own experience of menopause which had a profound effect on her quality of life for a period of time. She feels passionately about providing  support, advice and information to women, men and business and a bespoke counselling and coaching service to support women through midlife, menopause and beyond.

For booking enquiries please contact Jill or on 07734210330


An Evening of Kirtan with Sivani Mata 

Friday 13th March 7-9pm

The practice of Kirtan involves chanting, a form of devotional heart-centred singing accompanied by music.

Singing the profoundly healing sounds of Sanskrit mantra effortlessly drops our awareness out of our busy minds and into our hearts. Kirtan is from the path of Bhakti Yoga (pure love and compassion) and responds to where you are it and what you need in that moment, whether that is to bring you to a space of calm or elation. It can be deeply moving and incredibly joyful.

This is sure to be a high-vibrational and heart-opening evening, so grab your tickets early to avoid disappointment.  If you have never experienced Kirtan before, you don’t need to worry about “not knowing the words” or “having a good voice” – each Mantra will be explained briefly, and you will find listening to the music every bit as beautiful as joining in. All are welcome, £15 per person, children go free.

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Women’s Circle – Yoga Nidra, Mantra, Movement and Sharing Circle with Jill

Saturday 14th March 10am-12.30pm

Come and share in this gathering of women, to connect and embrace our Shakti ~ innate feminine power.

Women’s Yoga is a way of practising yoga that honours our ever-changing moods, cycles and rhythms. Bringing to the mat who we are today, right now, and moving, exploring from a place of awareness of that knowledge of what is present for us today.

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Rebirth – A Spring Equinox Gong Bath with Karen Neate

Saturday 21st March 4-5.30pm

God created the universe with this sound of the gong, fly with it, spread your wings and go with it, flow away.” – Yogi Bhajan

Join Karen Neate, qualified gong practitioner and Kundalini teacher, at Wasing on Saturday 21th March.

The Spring Equinox is Mother Earth’s celebration of rebirth, increased daylight, warming temperatures, and the rebirthing of all flora and fauna, buds are appearing, birdsong, and flowers in bloom.

Rebirth and growth all around igniting the inner flame of creativity within us all.
The perfect time to flow with the natural rhythm of the earths energy connecting heart and soul to all that is having faith that the seeds of our dreams will be nourished and birthed and all that no longer serves is cleansed away.
The session will begin with a guided meditation to ignite your inner flame of creativity, planting the seeds of your intentions before being lead into a magical journey of sound and vibration with the Gong.

Benefits of regular Gong Baths ~stress and anxiety are reduced ~ inner harmony regained ~ a deeper connection to yourself ~ Releases old patterns ~ Increases clarity of mind ~ Unity of mind, body and soul ~ Stimulates cell renewal and healing ~ Improves creativity ~ Improves Sleep.

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An Evening in Truth with Aisha Salem

Thursday 26th March 7-9.30pm

You are invited to join Aisha Salem for an evening of exploration and deep rest in Truth at the rural location of Wasing Estate, near Reading.

Date & Time:
March 26th, 7PM – 9:30PM – please arrive 15 min. prior to start time and settle in noble Silence.

The Pavilion
Wasing Park, Aldermaston
Reading RG7 4LY

£25 – please book directly with Jill via email on & payment will be via bank transfer or in studio.

The night invites you into Deep Love with yourself, exploring the edges of your perception and deeper surrender in the meeting and merging with Reality – with the Being of Aisha.

Through a talk, guided meditation, and open conversation, the invitation stands for a full let-go into your deepest commitment to Meet yourself in full honesty and naked vulnerability, sweetly in the rest of your human state.

Aisha Salem is a woman in deep intimacy with Truth. A radical and life-long journey has brought her to the very heart of what it means to be a real human being.

She is an inspirator and guide for people on the path of awakening and self-actualisation – as an embrace of reality, which is rooted in the open-ended surrender to Truth – as compassion and deep intimacy with our disappearance.

Aisha has been teaching across the world since 2003 and is the founder of Gateway, which is a growing community of people resonating with her sharing and the invitation to true co-existence on a ground of surrender and responsibility – reality.

If you are new to Aisha’s teachings, you are invited to explore videos, articles and recordings on her website prior to showing up


Wasing Wellbeing is delighted to host you for this special evening.  The space is located at the beautiful rural location of Wasing Estate, halfway between Reading and Newbury. There is abundant onsite parking and an opportunity to arrive early to enjoy a walk or some breathing time in the gardens and woodlands.  If you are arriving by train, the closest station is Aldermaston and it is possible to arrange pick up if you let us know at the time of booking.


Digestive Health Workshop 

 Saturday 28th March – With Jo & Georgie from Eight Food  – £85

Our digestion is the absolute foundation of our health. With 80% of our immune system based in our gut plus the significant link between gut-brain health, happy tummies are the key to a happy, healthy self.

This interactive & informative Digestive Health workshop will provide you with the tools you need to support all aspects of gut health, navigate foods to aid digestion and soothe digestive discomfort, as well as a detailed focus on fermented foods. Jo & Georgie from Eight Food will explore with you the exciting world of fermentation and its benefits for health, including demonstrations on how to make your own kefir, kombucha & kimchi. They will also be on hand to answer any burning cooking or nutrition questions, providing plenty of handy health tips & nutrition nuggets.

A healthy delicious lunch will be included, in addition to lots of recipe tasting throughout the course of the day.

Further event information and booking is via Eventbrite:

See for more information and background on Eight Food’s journey and philosophy.


Please call Jill on 07734210330 with any questions or to reserve places on any of the sessions.  Places are limited and payment can be taken over the phone if you wish.  Alternatively click here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.