Yoga Courses and Workshops


Yoga Beginners Course

A 6 Week Course with Jill   – £60

Tuesday 7th January- Tuesday 11th February, 8-9pm

Starting your Yoga practice by getting the basics just right is a really effective way to layer up your understanding of the ancient and modern aspects of Yoga .

In this 6 week course, Jill will lead you through the steps to master the most common Yoga Asanas, introduce you to Pranayama (breathwork) and Meditation, as well as discuss some of the philosophical underpinnings. By the end of the course you will feel confident enough to join in with most beginner to intermediate level Hatha or Flow classes.


“I loved the course and am really looking forward to my next one.  Jill is a very welcoming, experienced and knowledgeable instructor and I’m excited to develop my yoga over the coming months and years”

“Great start to my yoga journey.  It was particularly helpful to understand the purpose and benefit of the poses and movements”

“If you are a complete beginner and reluctant to join a class, this is perfect!

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Simply Meditation – 5 Week Block with Jill

Starts Wednesday 15th January, 8-9pm

£50 for 5 week block

Simply Meditation is a 5 week introductory course to lead you to your calm, connected self.

It is suitable for absolute beginners, those looking to commit to a regular meditation practice, or people who already have a practice but would like to benefit from some new tools, as well as the group energy and intention.

We have all developed strategies over our lifetime, which help us “cope” with the frenetic pace of our day to day lives and see us through the stresses. Many of us are starting to wake up to the ineffective ways we deal with things, suspecting there might be a way of getting more real with ourselves and others, and coming from our calm, connected centre more and more often.

This 5 week course will give you a chance to investigate how you are with your breath, with your body, in your mind and heart.  We will explore ways to simply be in acceptance of everything as it is, as well as tools of breath, mantra (repetition of a word or phrase), and mudra (hand gestures), to support in transmuting our energy in a subtle way when it is no longer working in our best interests.

Dates for this course are:
Wednesday 15th January/ 22nd Jan / 29th Jan / 5th Feb & 12th Feb

There is a strong possibility the group will continue after the course with enough interest.

The course is led by Jill, Wasing’s resident yoga and meditation teacher.  She has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and has a very down-to-earth approach with meditation, emphasising acceptance and compassion for our human selves rather than trancendance.  Her daily practices include grounding, breathwork, meditation, body scanning, mudra and mantra.

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Vinyasa Flow 10 Week Block with Zoe

Starts Monday 20th January, 12.30-1.30pm

£100 for 10 week block


Zoe’s aim is to get people moving in fluid and intuitive ways and to balance the body physically, energetically and mentally through yoga as a moving meditation. Vinyasa flow is a style of yoga which links breath with a dynamic yoga postures, it will be a strong and challenging practice but with plenty of variations offered so all levels are welcome.

“I encourage people to breathe mindfully creating a moving meditative practice which in turn aims to calm the nervous system and the mind helping us to feel a more settled yet vibrant version of ourselves.”

This 10 week block course will give you a chance to commit to a graceful and strong practice to boost your vitality from winter into spring.

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Mojo Blast – Take Work, Life & Creativity to the Next Level 

A New Year Workshop with Jamie Catto

Friday 10th January 7-10pm

In this workshop, we will learn tools to come back to Power, switch on our dormant creative energy and dissolve anything in the way of it. We’ll explore tangible, down-to-earth processes for waking up that fire in our bellies, to energise ourselves and rediscover the optimism and sense of possibility.

As this new chapter begins it’s time to optimise all the key areas of life and make sure we’re harvesting our potential in all areas.  For MOJO BLAST Jamie is bringing these 7 key areas of Life to the next level:

1. MIND: Clear practices to stop overthinking and exhausting yourself strategising and controlling in such a futile fashion but use your innate intelligence to bear real fruit.

2 ROOTS: Create enough habits of self-care to not be so triggered so often, to not be so distracted, so that you can be present and available in the moment to be inspired and have the energy to act on that inspiration.

3. DEMON TRAINING: Efficiently use the unruly characters that live in your head as illuminations and harvest their powers instead of ’suffering them’ and being dragged down.

4. SUSTAINABILITY: Learn how to get the support you need in healthy ways and to know where to get it, which of your usual avenues are habitual but ineffective and which are useful and nourishing.

5. EGO BALANCING: Readdress your relationship with solitude, addiction and depressive or anxious tendencies.

6. EMBODIMENT: Learn how to meet each challenge in the body as well as the mind and how to free yourself from unconscious beliefs and patterning which create so much limitation and stress.

7. INSPIRATION: Flick the switch into the kind of spaciousness and presence which allows you to channel your best Creativity effortlessly and enjoyably instead of slave driving the unequipped intellect to do your creative work for you.


“…a polite warning; prolonged exposure to Jamie Catto could blow your mind…” – The Daily Telegraph

“Jamie Catto is kind, wise, open, boundlessly energetic, optimistic and passionate. I adore him.” – Stephen Fry

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January Day Retreat: Intention & Commitment

With Jill Watson

Saturday 25th January 11am-4pm, £65

Come and sink into a sweet gathering with Jill at Wasing to land into an exploration of intention and commitment under this first New Moon of 2020.

In our super busy lives, we can intend to do many things, too many things perhaps.  We can have an idea of what we’d like, but it doesn’t fit in our current context or with the people around us.  I always love returning to the quote from Anodea Judith’s book Creating on Purpose “You can have anything you want, but you can’t have everything”.  This beautifully nudges us towards the choices we make, the small ones that uphold our daily intentions and commitments, and the big ones that sometimes take us in a bold but necessary change of direction.

In this day retreat we will:
– Land into a quiet mediation and reflection space, starting with a yoga nidra and seated meditation.  We will work with the repetition of mantra, which supports us with consistency and application of our energy in a chosen direction.

– Feel into the heart, belly and head as embodied locations of trust, alignment or resistance

– Move into an embodied flow Asana practice (from soft, to strong, back to soft again), allowing us to feel our whole body in relationship to intention and commitment – exploring the ways we can unravel habits in the physical body to birth new potential, work with fear and be compassionate with ourselves as we trust right intention, right actions and divine timing

– Acknowledge and commit to meeting the sacred obstacles on the way with full responsibility – Awaken our voices and clear their power through Kirtan (devotional mantra), the voice is what we use to share our intentions and commitments inwardly and outwardly with the world

– Enjoy a short sharing circle with others in the group – sharing reflections, intentions and commitments and practicing what we have understood for ourselves from the day.  This will happen over sweet treats and tea, with support and laughter!

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The Way of Food: Nourishment as a Spiritual Practice

A Workshop with Chef, Heather Umlah

Sunday February 9th 11am-3pm

The Way of Food: Nourishment as a Spiritual Practice

In this workshop with noted Chef, teacher and healer Heather Umlah, we will learn the core spiritual and magical principles of nourishment that benefit body, mind spiritual and wellbeing.  By using embodied practices, we discover the connection between the energy of food, our connection and listening of our metabolic self, and how to use food as a beautiful and medicinal tool deep in the heart of winter.

We will learn how to recognise and use the healing properties of food to balance, elevate and inspire our relationship to our own sacred Self Care.

By touching on food history, the problems and promises of modern food culture, and our need to truly nourish ourselves, we learn to use and understand the energies and vibrations of foods while liberating their innate healing qualities.

We will:

– consider bio-individuality in movement and self-nourishment
– learn about the connection between intelligent rest, eating and crafting meals feeds our connection to the whole of our life force and divinity
– learn effective strategies for habit change, and how the practices, or sadhanas of nourishment can help support our creative expression of self care
– practice a guided food meditation
– look closely at where contemporary healing food culture sells us short of our true well-being
– get inspired to be with food in a new way, a reboot and reset for day to day living

In cultivating these practices with curosity and creativity, along with luminous insight, we explore the opportunity to infuse daily life with new dimensions of sacred meaning.

Along the way, we discover what deeply inspires us, we learn to embody our own soulful creativity and how the alchemy of cooking is a joyful portal for self-care.

About Heather:

Heather Umlah is a vibrantly creative international chef, wellness educator, and culinary nutritionist.

Heather has dedicated her life to sharing the blessings of delicious food to nourish the body and mind for optimal health. As a chef, Heather offers a new level of integrity and joy to her clients through inspired dialogue, creativity, and healing cuisine. As a course leader, Heather offers her vast experience in the ways that food can transform physical and mental wellbeing.

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Unlocking the Feet

A Workshop with Catherine Annis

Saturday Jan 4th 2020, 11am-4pm


We often overlook our feet until they begin to cause us discomfort.

We forget, perhaps, that they are our connection with the ground, our primary relationship with the earth, and that every step we take affects our entire bodies, from ankle to skull.

The great news is that with a few simple yoga and self-care techniques, we can radically transform our feet.

Join us if you’d like to experience a new, more vibrant relationship with your feet, which wakes up your whole body, improving your posture and creating a strong connection with the ground beneath us.

In this practical workshop, we will:

•   Examine the anatomy of the foot, normal range of movement & how to work with common restrictions and issues

•   Learn practical self-massage skills to soothe and enliven our feet

•   Explore the relationship between the feet, knees, pelvis and jaw

•   Develop improved stability through the legs and spine

•   Find a fresh connection with the ground, and experience a new elastic responsiveness in our movement

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Journey to Stillness – Transformational Breath, Yoga & Meditation

A Day Retreat with Rebecca Dennis & Jess Horn

Saturday 18th January, 10am – 5pm


Come and join Rebecca Dennis and Jess Horn for this full day retreat at the Beautiful Wasing Estate. 

As the New Year and New decade begins, this is the perfect occasion to take a whole day out, just for you! The retreat will be completely dedicated to you and your well-being and will give you the re-set you need to move forward with ease and purpose. 

At this nurturing and inspiring retreat, we’ll detox the Mind and Body through:

– Mindful movement

– Cutting edge breath work

– Guided Journalling

– Meditatation

– Deep Rest

Enabling us to arrive in stillness, so we can see with more clarity, and set our intentions for the coming year! 

Rebecca and Jess have been creating magic together at their retreats for over 7 years now and are excited to share this transformational day with you.  For more details go to

Places are limited as we’re keeping the numbers small. Healthy Snacks will be provided but please bring a light lunch with you. 

Price £110.00

Full event description and bookings via Eventbrite at the following link:

Or call Jill on 07734210330 to register over the phone.


An Evening of Kirtan with Sivani Mata – Next 2020 Date Announced Soon

The practice of Kirtan involves chanting, a form of devotional heart-centred singing accompanied by music.

Singing the profoundly healing sounds of Sanskrit mantra effortlessly drops our awareness out of our busy minds and into our hearts. Kirtan is from the path of Bhakti Yoga (pure love and compassion) and responds to where you are it and what you need in that moment, whether that is to bring you to a space of calm or elation. It can be deeply moving and incredibly joyful.

This is sure to be a high-vibrational and heart-opening evening, so grab your tickets early to avoid disappointment.  If you have never experienced Kirtan before, you don’t need to worry about “not knowing the words” or “having a good voice” – each Mantra will be explained briefly, and you will find listening to the music every bit as beautiful as joining in. All are welcome, £15 per person, children go free.


Please call Jill on 07734210330 with any questions or to reserve places on any of the sessions.  Places are limited and payment can be taken over the phone if you wish.  Alternatively click here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.