Yoga Courses and Workshops

October Yoga Beginners Course 

Tue 9th October 7.50-8.50pm for 5 weeks, £50.

Starting your Yoga practice by getting the basics just right is a really effective way to layer up your understanding of the ancient and modern aspects of Yoga .  In this 5 week course, Jill will lead you through the steps to master the most common Yoga Asanas, introduce you to Pranayama (breathwork) and Meditation, as well as discuss some of the philosophical underpinnings.  By the end of the course you will feel confident enough to join in with most beginner to intermediate level Hatha or Flow classes.


Dancing Freedom Workshop 

Friday 12th October 6.30-8.30pm, £25 or book with a friend and both receive £10 off.

Dancing Freedom is a facilitated movement meditation dance practice accompanied by sumptuous and inspiring music. DJ’d by stunning artists across from the board, the practice invites people of all ages and abilities to join.  This session will be hosted by guest teacher, Sophie Bolton.

The practice draws upon the five elements, (earth, water, fire, air and ether) as symbols for the tangible relationship between the natural world and the body. To dance freely, waking up the energy in our body is to remember that we are intrinsically part of and connected to the natural world with its inherent rhythm.

These sessions create a non-judgemental, down-to-earth and playful space to let go and dance in.  A great way to release tension, to get fit and to create the nurturing space inside we deserve.


Kundalini Introductory 6 Week Course

Wednesday 31st October 6.30pm, £66. Facilitated by Kat Moore.

Are you ready to restore, renew and replenish your vital self? Would you like to create balance and harmony physically, emotionally and spiritually? Experience this transformative approach to yoga, which takes you on a journey through the Chakras, the subtle energy centres in the body.  Classes are a blend of postures, breath, sound, mantra and meditation, taking you into the powerful practice of Kundalini yoga, which can support your at every level, resetting the nervous system and increasing vitality and levels of consciousness.

Kat is a compassionate and intuitive teacher with over 3 years experience.  The sessions are open to all and tailored to your needs appropriately.


Please call Jill on 07734210330 to reserve places on any of the sessions.  Places are limited and payment can be taken over the phone.  Alternatively click here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.