Wasing Estate

Wasing, as custodian of the land, is committed to making conscious decisions regarding the environment within its management to enable people and nature to thrive.​ Our objectives are based around responsible stewardship providing exceptional experiences, with fantastic hospitality, regenerating not only the flora and fauna on the land, but also everyone who steps onto the estate.


Wasing has been in the same family for seven generations. In 1759, John Mount discovered the Wasing estate, and wanted a country retreat away from the hustle of trade in London where his publishing business had been a great success. Swapping mapping for farming, the family took to country life, and have remained in situ ever since.

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Founded by the late Sir William Mount in 1978, The Mount Charity makes donations to a variety of local charities. The majority of funds raised are from the sale of walking and riding permits, as well as special events taking place at the Estate.

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