Wasing PYO Pumpkins & Woodland Trail

At the heart of stunning Wasing Estate near Aldermaston lies a very special field that's home to our organic pumpkin crop. Our Pumpkin event takes place in this beautiful Berkshire countryside and visitors are invited to follow the enchanting woodland trail through Wasing's stunning autumnal woodland and along the way, encounter upon some creatures inspired by those living on the Estate. Then head for the pumpkin field & pick your own pumpkins. 

Wasing PYO Pumpkins & Woodland Trail is now closed until October 2022. Thank you very much to all of our visitors who attended our first ever Pumpkin event in 2021. We look forward to welcoming you back later this year. In the meantime, please follow us @wasingpyopumpkins on Facebook & Instagram to be the first to hear about our 2022 ticket release or you can request to be added to our events database by emailing events@wasing.co.uk


What's Here

Visit Wasing's Pick Your Own Pumpkin field & Woodland Trail 

* Pick Your Own organic pumpkins field with scarecrows

* A magical little woodland trail featuring the Estate's resident creatures including bats & spiders

* Hot & cold refreshments including pizza & hot chocolate


Follow a magical seasonal trail, designed for little legs, through the Estate's stunning autumnal woodland and along the way, encounter upon some enchanting creatures inspired by the residents of Wasing's trees and fields! Wasing is home to a very special nocturnal resident - the Myotis Nattereri, affectionately known as the Natterer's Bat. Despite its name, its movement is near silent but they're easy to spot mid flight by their white underbellies! This species is becoming scarce in the UK and is protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act so we work hard to preserve its natural habitats on the Estate. We're so bewitched by this remarkable little bat that it's our inspiration for one of the woodland creatures that visitors will encounter along this year's Halloween trail. Look out for giant spiders too!


The leafy pathway of the woodland trail leads to Wasing's organic pumpkin field. We've grown Jack O'Lantern pumpkins and this traditional and much loved variety, with its bright orange skin, is perfect for both carving and making delicious homemade pumpkin pie and soup. So collect a wheelbarrow and choose your favourite pumpkins to take home and carve. You'll also be joined in the field by Wasing's jolly scarecrows who are safeguarding our pumpkin crop from any hocus pocus!


Treat yourself to a tasty slice or two from our pizza oven and keep warm with a delicious hot chocolate. Other hot & cold drinks and snacks will also be available. 


About Wasing

Wasing is proud to be producing 100% organic produce with sustainable provenance. This year, we are very excited to have grown our first ever crop of organic pumpkins to share with you this Halloween.


We grow a variety of crops on the farm including spelt and rye for flour, oats for breakfast cereals, barley for beer and quinoa. With Wasing being a mixed organic farm, we use the fertility provided by manure from our grazing, grass-fed animals including our friendly herd of Sussex cattle. 

We also manage an abundance of varied wildlife habitats on the farm and every year devote hundreds of acres to help protect our environment and feed our birds, bees and wee beasties.

Since 2008 we have also been producing hot water and heating for the venue, using woodchip from our sustainably managed woodlands.



We are proud that Wasing has a large Countryside Stewardship scheme with numerous areas of the estate devoted to promoting wildlife. We also look after around 6 miles of river frontage of the River Kennet and Enborne, which has amongst the largest range of flora and fauna of any lowland river in the UK. Some of those include habitat for 21 species of Dragonfly, Cranefly, the Whorl Snail, rare bat species, and numerous farmland birds such as Yellowhammer, Skylarks, Linnet and Chaffinch.

Find Us

Wasing Pick Your Own Pumpkins & Woodland Trail, Wasing Lane, Aldermaston, RG7 4LY 

Wasing Pick Your Own Pumpkins & Woodland Trail

Wasing Lane






Vehicle Parking

The postcode for sat navs is RG7 4LY and parking is in the signposted field


Nearest Train Stations

Midgham is 2 miles (5 minutes) - doesn’t have a taxi rank

Theale is 7½ miles (15 minutes) 

Newbury is 9½ miles (25 minutes) 

Reading is 11½ miles (25 minutes) 

Basingstoke is 11 miles (25 minutes)



View our Frequently Asked Questions below for all the latest information

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* Enquiries: email events@wasing.co.uk

How much are tickets? 2022 ticket prices will be announced when tickets are released

What do tickets include? Tickets include access to the woodland trail & pumpkin field . Pumpkins and refreshments are charged separately upon exit. Pumpkin prices depend on size & start at £1 each.

How do I book tickets? Please follow @WasingPYOPumpkins on Facebook & Instagram or sign up to our events database by emailing events@wasing.co.uk to be the first to hear about our 2022 dates & ticket release

What are the opening hours? 2022 opening hours will be announced when tickets are released

What happens if I miss my time slot and arrive late or early? Please arrive at the time indicated on your booking confirmation. We unfortunately can't take responsibility for early or late arrivals. Reasonable attempts will be made to accommodate your party if you arrive outside of the allocated timeslot detailed within your booking confirmation. However, this is at the sole discretion of event staff and we reserve the right to refuse entry without refund. To ensure your health and safety, you will not be allowed to enter after 3pm due to diminishing daylight. All visitors must vacate the venue by 5pm.

Can I leave the event and come back? Re-entry to the event is not permitted.

Can I cancel, change or transfer my ticket? Tickets cannot be amended, transferred or cancelled and are non-refundable. Please ensure that you check your details thoroughly before booking.

Can children attend the event on their own? All under 18s must be accompanied by a ticket-holding adult aged 18 or over and must be supervised at all times.

Can we come dressed up in Halloween costumes? Yes, we're more than happy for adults & children to dress in family friendly Halloween costumes. Please don't bring any weapons even if they're toys or part of your costume. If staff feel that you or any of your party are dressed inappropriately (e.g. outfits which are too revealing or too scary for younger children), we reserve the right to refuse entry without refund. Please also bear in mind that the event takes place in woodland and fields, therefore appropriate footwear is recommended.

Are refreshments available? Yes. A selection of pizza, snacks and hot and cold drinks will be available at the exit of the pumpkin field.

Are you able to cater for specific dietary requirements? We are able to cater for some dietary requirements, including vegetarian and vegan options. For any other queries, please speak to catering staff on the day who will be able to advise on ingredients.

Can baby bottles be heated? Unfortunately, we don’t have facilities for heating bottles or any other food or drink.

Will wheelbarrows be available? Yes, a limited number of wheelbarrows will be available. Please leave them at the exit after use.

Is smoking allowed at the event? Smoking is not allowed. This includes e-cigarettes and vaping. Not adhering to this policy may result in you and all members of your party being asked to leave the venue without refund.

Can I bring pets? No pets or any animals are allowed to attend the event, with the exception of guide, hearing or registered assistance dogs. Please do not leave animals unattended in your vehicle.

Is there vehicle parking? Vehicle parking is in a grass field and is free of charge. Please follow signage & instructions from staff. Please note that caravans, motorhomes and any other large vehicles are not permitted. Vehicles are parked at the owner's risk.

Are there toilets at the venue? Yes, portable toilets are available.

Are there baby changing facilities available? Unfortunately, there are no baby changing facilities available. 

Is disabled access available? Unfortunately, there is no wheelchair access at the event due to inclines, uneven surfaces and exposed roots & vines throughout the woodland trail and pumpkin field. Visitors with reduced mobility but who are able to walk limited distances can access the pumpkin field via its exit. Should you wish to do this, please advise a member of staff upon arrival who will direct you to the pumpkin field exit. However please note that this option will mean bypassing the woodland trail and walking across the vehicle parking field and along a short track to the pumpkin field. This will bring you to the lower end of the pumpkin field. Access to the rest of the field requires walking up an incline and there is no seating. Should you choose this option, this is at your own risk. All visitors require a ticket.

Are pushchairs and prams permitted? Pushchairs and prams are permitted. However please note that there are inclines, uneven surfaces and exposed roots & vines throughout the vehicle parking field, woodland trail and pumpkin field. There is no paving. Please exercise caution throughout the venue.

What happens if the weather is bad? As this event is taking place in October, some autumnal weather conditions are to be expected. The venue will remain open in reasonably wet and windy weather conditions so long as safety is not compromised. Should you wish not to attend due to weather conditions on the day, tickets cannot be refunded. Our staff will continuously monitor the weather conditions and assess any potential risks to health & safety. Should they deem the weather a significant risk, the venue will close and refunds will be issued. Please check our social media channels before travelling.

Can I carve my pumpkin(s) at the event? Please carve your pumpkins at home as there are no facilities at the event. Children must not use sharp implements and must be supervised by an adult aged 18 or over at all times.

How should I store my pumpkins? We recommend that you place your pumpkin(s) on a piece of cardboard and store in a cool (10-16 °C), dry place. It’s best not to leave pumpkins out in the rain or frost as this will cause rotting. Please note that once your pumpkin has been carved, natural degradation of the pumpkin will quicken.

Can I take photos & videos at the event?  Yes, personal photography and videography is permitted during the event. We cannot control, and therefore take no responsibility, if you or any member of your party appear in another visitor’s photos or videos which are published on social media or elsewhere. Permission from us for any photography and videography for commercial purposes must be requested and approved in writing in advance by us. From time to time, we, or an approved supplier, may wish to take photos or videos at the event for Marketing purposes. If you do not wish to appear in this, please advise us by emailing events@wasing.co.uk before your visit and make staff aware on the day.

Where can I find you on social media? Follow us @wasingpyopumpkins on Facebook & Instagram

How can I contact you? Please email us at events@wasing.co.uk

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