Fishing Membership Information

Rowneys Carp & Course Syndicate

Season: 1st June – 31st May

Annual Membership Fee: £400

Stock: Carp up to 40lb+, Bream up to 16lb+, Pike up to 20lb+ and Perch up to 5lb+


Rowneys Winter Pike Syndicate

Season: 1st October -31st March

Annual Membership Fee: £180

Stock: Pike up to 20lb+


Elephant Lake Syndicate

Season: 1st June – 31st May

Annual Membership Fee: £300

Stock: Carp up to 33lb+ and Tench up to 9lb+


Carp & Tench General Syndicate

Season: 1st June – 31st May

Annual Membership Fee: £650

Stock: Staghead - Carp up to 30lb+ (Common, Mirror and Leather)

Shalford – Carp up to 40lb+, Tench up to 11lb, Roach up to 2lb 10oz and Bream up to 19lb

Bottle – Carp up to 40lb+, Tench up to 10lb and Bream up to 16lb


Carp & Tench Specimen Syndicate

Season: 1st August – 30th June

Annual Membership Fee: £1325

Stock: Oxlease – Carp up to 40lb+ (Common, Mirror and Leather) and Tench up to 12lb

Cranwells – Carp up to 55lb (Common, Mirror and Leather) and Tench up to 12lb


River Kennet & Enborne Syndicate

Season: 16th June – 14th March

Annual Membership Fee: £280

Stock: Barbel up to 17lb, Chub up to 8lb, Perch up to 4lb+, Roach up to 3lb, Pike up to 28lb,  and Dace up to 1lb 1oz


River Kennet Beats



Brimpton Beat

Brimpton Weir (A)

Kings Bridge (B)

Warren Beat

Kings Bridge (B

Metal Bailey Bridge (C)

Dalston Beat

Bailey Bridge (C)

Start of Row Barge Pub Garden (D)

Woolhampton Beat

Cricket Pitch (E

Top of Brimpton Old Mill (F)

Aldermaston Beat

Road Bridge (G)

Start of Newbury Angling Association Waters (H)

River Enborne Beats



Western Beat

Able Bridge (I)

Shalford Bridge (J)

Middle Beat

Shalford Bridge (J)

Silly Bridge (K)

Eastern Beat

Silly Bridge (K)

Confluence with Kennet (L)


Application Requirements

Once membership availability has been confirmed Wasing Fisheries require:

o    1 written character reference from another fishing club or employer (Carp and Tench Specimen Syndicate references will only be accepted from other fisheries.)

o    Full name, address, telephone number, date of birth and car registration

o    Payments – Credit/debit card, BACS, Cash, or Cheque payable to Wasing Farm

General Information

o    Fishing is secured with locked gates; members have codes which are updated annually.

o    Boats are no longer allowed on the lakes. There is a boat on each lake for emergency use (Strictly Bailiff use only).

o    A locked building is available for members providing shelter, kitchen and toilet facilities.

o    A comprehensive bailiff system is in place which supervises, protects and maintains the fishery, its environment, wildlife and privacy.

o    Syndicates are exclusively for members, so there are no day tickets available.

o    Wasing has a regular and improving stocking program which operates across all lakes.

o    Night fishing is permitted for a maximum of 48 hours on any swim/lake.

o    Guest fishing permits are available for all syndicates apart from the Specimen, at a fee of £25.00. A maximum of one or two guests per river beat or lake per day, strictly by arrangement with the office and subject to availability.

o    10% discount available to pensioners (proof of date of birth required). 25% discount available for concessionary (proof of disability required). Only 1 discount applicable per person.